Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NBFC Software NON BANKING FINANCIAL COMPANY (NBFC) SOFTWARE NBFC software is a comprehensive application for NBFC and Channel Partners. The software has been designed from scratch to cover the entire working of a Company/Firm involved in Hire Purchase and related Business. The focus being on the management and control of business apart from keeping accounts. The core issues like Recovery and Deposit Management have been thoroughly covered, which are common to all. Apart from that many subjects which fewer companies deal with have also been covered like Securitization, Channel Partnership with Banks and Management of large number of PDCs.

NBFC Software Advantages:

Highly flexible features ensure perfect match with the requirements.
Minimised data entry to avoid human errors and increase usage speed.
Very easy user interface designed scientifically for computer illeterate people.
Customizable features to match your requirement.
Most economical pricing for the period.
Time tested solution ensures minimum errors.
We ensure the delivered application fits customer requirement.
Dedicated support team which is capable to attend the support call online within 2 hours.
Supports networking and multi logins. So no need to purchase extra licenses for each users.

NBFC Software India
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