Thursday, September 6, 2012

Micro Finance Software

Looking for flexible, easy to use microfinance loan management software? provides an intuitive and robust banking solution that aims to simplify the usage of customer data and includes grants, loans, donors, investors and many more. Our banking software system is designed to easily gather socio economic data, demographics, and performance indicators to better monitor your stakeholders. With our microfinance software solution you will be able to achieve growth at lower investments, keep track of your profits, and enrich your customer reach. Our software is recommended for any Micro Finance Institution (MFI) which wishes to rapidly spread over a vast geographical location without any significant increase in operating costs

Microfinance Software Features

  • Create Loan scheme
  • Loan Master
  • Loan Product Detail
  • Loan Disbursement Entry
  • Member Master
  • Member Entry
  • Payment Entry
  • Release Loan Amount
  • Define Interest Rate
  • Interest Rate Calculator
  • Payment History

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